Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress Plugin

Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress Plugin Topic today is that “how to Social Sharing buttons in word press plugin in Urdu language.” In this tutorial, we well learn how to add beautiful social sharing buttons below the post or above the post in word press website blogs. It is a plugin which you can easily […]

How to Get Google Adsense Approval for Website or Blog

How to Get Google AdSense Approval for Website or Blog You Need a Domain. Like This ( Need a Gmail id. Like This ( You need to prepare 5 pages– Home– About– Contact Us– Disclaimer– Privacy Policy Write 2 Post-No Copyright Content-Minimum 500 Words Install WordPress Publish-All Pages-2 Post Make Sure:-Simple WordPress Theme-And no extra […]

Complete HTML & CSS Training in Urdu & Hindi

HTML & CSS Training Today I Have Post HTML And CSS Complete Video Course in Urdu And Hindi Language. From this video, I tell you how to you use it. I have created video tutorials for doing so, so you can watch them and learn how to create a complete website layout in CSS and […]

How to Change WordPress Admin Login Page Logo

Change WordPress Admin Login Page Logo Today you will learn complete Word Press customization video course in Urdu and Hindi language. In this video, I tell you how to do it and how it works. You can watch and learn “How to change word press admin login page logo?” This tutorial gives you complete understanding […]

Application To Bank Manager To Change Already Register Mobile Number

Application To Bank Manager To Change Already Register Mobile Number is giving you Application To Bank Manager To Change Already Register Mobile Number to get information about your bank account status. Like Bank Balance, Withdraws Money alert, Deposit Money alert etc… also if anybody sends you a payment on your bank account you also received an […]

How to Make Money with a Website Using Google AdSense

In today’s age, making money online has become easier than ever. Google AdSense is one such tool to make online money. Google AdSense is a free program introduced by Google that allows users to run ads faster and easier. Advertisers create these ads and put them up on Google AdSense to promote their products. These […]

HD Mobile Wallpapers APK – Honest Review!

Changing mobile wallpapers is what we all do to get home-like vibes from our devices. Sometimes we put pictures of ourseLves, loved ones, or images that give calming vibe. But when we get bored, we look for other options too.  If you feel Like your current mobiLe wallpaper is now old and sudden urge to […]

How To Build A WordPress Website

Are you a ‘Non-Techy’ looking to Build a WordPress website of your own to save time and money? Then, you’re at the right place to get an easy, and quick WordPress website tutorial. Here, in this blog, you’ll be guided on how you can build a WordPress website step by step from scratch. All that […]

Gravity Forms Multilevel Columns – CSS Classes

The plugin of Gravity forms in WordPress, hardly allows users to create Multilevel Columns through any in-built feature, but CSS classes can help you do this. Since the plugin does not provide the facility to align fields of the form according to the needs of various websites, this has remained a troubling situation for developers […]

How to Implement Contact Form 7 Plugin in WordPress?

Thousands of people implement Contact Form 7 Plugin on day-to-day basis in WordPress, yet beginners find this a toughest job at first time. Don’t worry that how to add a customizable contact form using Contact form 7? You can add it by just using ‘contact form 7 free shortcode’. However, if you’re a beginner, follow […]